The benefit of the disinterested

No harm , no foul.

I realized this morning that I have an addiction to men who don’t care. Men who don’t care about me, or most things, really. This realization lead me to realize that I tend to accidentally start dating these people, but while that is a bad idea, not to be repeated, I’m here to share why the disinterested can be a good thing.

  1. They already don’t like you, you can’t make it worse.
  2. You can’t hurt their feelings, because they don’t care what you say or do anyway. Because who even are you?

These reasons allow for complete honesty. It’s a great place for “I” statements. I need this, you don’t want to fulfill that? Cool, moving down the list. No strings attached.

It’s a great way to get things off your chest, because they’re not actually listening anyway, it’s judgment free! And, they probably won’t remember because they weren’t listening so your secrets are safe.

All of these statements are probably also true about drunk people, but those people can get iffy so just stick to the disinterested.

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