On that note, we are going to let anyone sell subscriptions on their own terms, and we are going to break a platform tabu: we are going to let publishers have direct contact with their subscribers by having their mail addresses.
On Platforms And Media
Borja Rojano

Tinyletter (now owned by mailchimp) is a simple mail list provider which sends the list emails from the provider’s address and I love it as both sender and receiver. My tinyletter list for my three-week-old fiction podcast is tiny and nowhere near as big as my old mailchimp list for my blog but I have had more meaningful conversations with readers/listeners in the past three weeks than in a decade on my blog (except for the eighteen months when I was living in Japan and one of the few female expat bloggers at the time – those posts still are my most popular eight years later…or were until this latest podcast).

I think that personal connectionboth the key to and what is most exciting about being a content provider (I use the term as a handy inclusive one rather than as a lover of jargon) at this time. Whatever you create, whatever you offer, there is no need to dilute your passion to appeal to the widest audience, in fact there is a need not to. By exposing our passions, our obsessions, the work of our hearts we can (slowly but surely) reach those who share them – perhaps not to the same level but enough – and, if we have done our work and learned the crafts we need to offer a professional, reliable, trustworthy experience, we can create and maintain an audience who, as I already do, will come to see subscription and Patreon-like funding as normal. They don’t want artists compromised by advertising (especially ‘native advertising’ urgh) and will happily pay a dollar or two a month, perhaps even the price of a cup of coffee knowing all the money is going to support a person who shares and contributes to their own passion, entertainment, education, life.

“Conquering the world” need not be the goal anymore. Connecting with five, ten, fifteen thousand people who hear you because you hear and represent them can be a living, one cup of coffee at a time.

At least, that’s what I’m hoping :)

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