Curiouser + curiouser

When I was a toddler I had a ball that was entirely made up of suction cups. If you threw it hard enough it would stick to certain surfaces. That one ball entertained me for days; that curiosity has been my lifelong companion as I discover, create + communicate for the scientific world.

Science is overwhelming + complicated + confusing. Science is also fascinating + awe-inspiring + wicked cool. It’s like a giant connect-the-dots puzzle; I want to complete the picture for you.

My focus is the physical sciences: astronomy, earth + space science, sustainability, physics, etc.

From the University of Florida, a hub of research + people who are vastly more intelligent than I am, I broadcast these thoughts and translations. I humbly remain a twenty-something nerd who likes Star Wars + trigonometry + writing everything in a dozen notebooks.

Welcome to Uncommon Curiosity.

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