Angel Boy.

He’s young,

Older than me if we consider age as a number

I can sense he has a new soul, a bit immature

Trying to break from his innocence

He is still so pure

I look at him and see a boy and a man all in one

I like it when he’s a man but the boy in him is fun

He makes me laugh

And kisses my head

Holds my hand

Any chance he gets

Even when I’m difficult

When I pick fights with him

He is soft-hearted and gentle within

He watched me break down and cry,

Held my hand and said he’d be there as I got through it

Driving with the blurred, blinding street lights

Thinking “how did I get here?”

He kept telling me it would be alright

He had grabbed my hand when he was still just my friend

I’ll never forget the night

I knew

He didn’t want to be my friend

I could see that nothing had changed

Back to a point I had once forgotten, he turned back the page

We were driving back from a place I regretted going to

I apologized for breaking down

He told me I didn’t need to

I didn’t know how to feel

At my weakest, it was my heart he still wished to steal

What reason did I have not to give it a chance?

A chance is all he wanted

I had nothing to lose

No one else had a hold on my life

It was for me to choose

After all that time

Of telling him no

Over and over again

He never gave up hope

He never stopped trying

And it worked

I didn’t expect it

And neither did he

The whole thing is crazy

I don’t deserve him

It still gets me

But I’m falling

I don’t want to fall as hard as I did before

Unless it’s the one


I don’t know yet — if it’s him

All I know is that I want this

And it just might be…

I finally said yes to the angel boy

My angel boy has all of me