The Second Stage of Grief is Anger.

You’re growing


Focused on winning

You’re gonna make a name for yourself

If your pain ever started to think it could win,

It’d just be kidding itself

You’re gonna be number one

But don’t you dare think I’ll be staring from down below,

Watching you accept your trophy

With a heart so broken, so hollow

I’ll clap for you, then move on with my life

I’ll be growing


There will be no more strife

Making a name for myself.

I’m not over it, but I’m so over it

I know it still bothers me

Otherwise I wouldn’t be writing about it.

I’ve started to make peace with the fact that you’re out of my life

Your true colors have come to light

I’m finally free

This time around, I may have been the one that started ruining you and me,

But if this is who you are, you would’ve done it eventually


I bid you farewell

I’m not gonna cry.

If you ever need me, I’ll be there for you

That’s who I am

And that’s what I’d do

But other than that

Have 500 girls, I don’t care

I used to be the one that hoped you’d change your mind

The one with no self-respect,

I’d stay waiting there.

I’ve come so far

I don’t regret anything,

Now I know who you really are.

I respect your motivation

I respect your never-ending passion

I respect that no one will tell you “you can’t”

We share that characteristic,

Though we’ve had our last dance

I respect the way you know tomorrow must start with today

Not a thing will ever stand in your way

You’re “the kid”

I just hope someday you’re “the man

Because from what I’ve seen, what I’ve been hearing,

I can only hope that’s part of the plan

I respect your mindset, I respect what you do

But get this straight:

I no longer respect you.

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