Steps To Properly Power Cycle A Belkin Home Network

To be able to use the Belkin home network in the best way, it is important to power cycle it from time to time. The steps of the process are given in the post mentioned-below.

When internet connectivity is an issue, we usually try to call to Belkin tech support for assistance where we get to know how to diagnose and internet connection problem. First step told by Belkin tech support is to initialize power cycle again so that many times problem is solved by restarting all the Belkin local and wireless devices.

To perform these steps and to escape the hassle of repeating these steps while on a tolled call with Belkin support executives, we must properly power cycle through a Belkin home network so that we save the hassle while being on the call.

Understanding Power cycle sequence:

As mentioned under the tab of Belkin router support on Belkin website, we firstly have to make sure that our wired and wireless peripherals, which make use of the internet are disconnected from our Belkin modem and router during initialization. Then first of all we have to power up Belkin modem and wait for all lights to initialize for the layman and for a technical person, it means all pinging and initialization has happened and the modem is connected to the ISP and connection is fully established.

Now, as mentioned by www Belkin com support, we have to connect primary peripherals namely all Belkin routers, which multiply the range of our Belkin modem to larger distance and have to ensure that the routers are able to get input internet connection and are able to wirelessly and wired transmit internet connection to other devices.

Further steps:

Now, when wired and wireless connections are online, we have to connect Ethernet of our wired internet guest devices which will connect with our modem or router and check if the internet is working by pinging or opening any website on them. After all the wired devices are working properly, we have to connect wireless devices to modem and ensure that wireless devices too are working fine. If a new wireless device needed to be connected and router is password protected then we will have to go into setup and give it a wireless access by inputting the password.

Following all these steps in the right order to get all the benefits. It ensures that electricity is linearly moving according to the devices installed, it also ensures that internet pings are in linear connection according to the connected devices. Also, if the connection fails at a certain level, we will be able to make sure which level was faulty hence we will not have to start from scratch hence saving us a lot of time and eliminating unnecessary possibilities of failure at various levels.

So to sum up a logical sequence of power sequence, we will follow the mentioned steps:

  • First of all we will initialize Belkin Modem by providing it the required power and waiting for initialization of ISP and internet pinging sequence.
  • Then we will connect primary peripherals wiz Belkin routers and then we will wait for all lights to stop blinking and become solid.
  • After modem and router are connected we will connect wired peripherals and we will check if they are able to connect to the internet by opening any website on them.
  • Then we will connect wireless devices to the modem or router and we will wait for them to be connected to the internet.

If there is success at all these steps it means we have successfully initialized power cycle.