When a beautiful girl says “Hi”, Don’t fall in love.

This is one of those old memories when I used to have a crush in the office.

Crushes are those anonymous creatures for whom you are compelled to live in fairy tales. Where you are prince charming with dragon face.

Whenever she passes through, always time stops. Just to have one glance of her, I always ended up doing some stupid things.

“when a girl falls in love no one knows except the girl.
When a guy falls in love everyone knows except the girl.”

So how could I be an exception?

But sometime miracle happens and it happened with me too on one fine evening.

I was invited to the birthday party of my office colleague, and I noticed that she was there too. A blind man needs what, “A sight”.

And out of the blue, she said “Hi Ashish”.

When your crush says “Hi”, your brain starts working at such a speed, that if you give proper direction then you can clear IIT with the overnight study.

Me: (Dumbstruck), yeah… Hey… Hi! Oh Hello. (I have greeted her in every manner that I knew at that time).
She: How are you?
Me: I am fine. Well what about you?

And conversation carried away for next 30–40 seconds followed by silence.
Before I could say anything she said,

“Ashish, you seem very nice guy. I always wanted to talk to you for something important.”

(I was like, Hey girl please stop, I am not habitual to take a huge amount of compliments from a crush. I might get heart attack).

She: Can we meet tomorrow, I need to discuss something important with you.
(And I started thinking, what did I do today? Neither I went to temple nor I gave alms to beggar). Am I dreaming.
Me: Yeah sure. Why not.

Trust me that was the night where each second seemed to me an hour to spend.

I went to temple (An atheist goes to the temple then it is a big deal) and also gave alms to a beggar.

I reached to the destination 2 hours early, well I don’t care about time. She came there after 2 hours from the scheduled time. But who cares?

We sat there.

(I am skipping formal conversation, because I was also eager to come to the point.)

She said, “Ashish I need to discuss something important, let’s get to the point because I don’t have much time”.
Me: (I was all ears after all it was a huge break for me). Yeah sure.

And then she started.

She: Ashish, I have joined this company where you need to add 3 people to you. And those 3 people will add another 3 people to them and the chain will go on. You will get benefits for this. Blah Blah Blah…. Blah Blah Blah…. Blah Blah Blah.

I was listening to her like someone gave me 1000 volts of electric shock.

Well, I was on the wrong end, that I expected too much. But never expected this from my crush and that day I crushed my crush in my mind.

Sometimes beauty remains beautiful until they open their mouth.