Indian Engineer’s Diary: Distortion of Dreams.

Yes, I said that out loud. While a majority of crowd makes an excuse that pursuing Engineering is done by them just for the Graduation Degree. I think, its not meant to be done by them at all but the society creates the havoc of almost all other degree courses are useless and Engineering is the only option. We willingly or unwillingly drown ourselves in this whirlpool of society, peer pressure and parents’ blind expectations. We don’t even look for other choices; we don’t even put ourselves in a decisive position and think of what we want. It just results into problems and problems for the average kid, unless he’s lucky or intelligent to some extend with the further explained situation not trapping you, unknowingly.

Well, there’s a pattern to the common problems we all face in life which kills us, lethargically, and an unwished imposed Engineer Graduation sometimes is one of it. Let’s see how it destroyed my courage, but still kept me superficially brave. Because as they say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, but it keeps killing you anyway and you keep dying.

There’s something I should clear, this may sound a little negative, but trust me, reality is negativity. And unless you are a bit negative, how will you pull the positivity?

Engineering seems a bush of roses from far with few ignorable thorns and dark red roses, but when you enter it, you soon realize it’s a giant cactus with shedded blood on it, you thought, were roses.

So, what hurts the most during engineering?

1. The Godfather Faculty

Once upon a time, a guy was tortured mentally by a psychopath professor. So that himself became a teacher and took avenge punishing the next generation students.

That one Lecturer who targets you for no reason or an ignorable incident which unfortunately crashed his brain and resulted into noticeable hatred. He/She keeps you hooked to the shit logic, keeps you low attendance aka oxygen tube of engineering, throwing the most absurd reasons and frankly speaking, mates, that guy just doesn’t like your face. You are ugly for him/her; you are pain in the ass, no matter how good your image is, in front of other faculties, this one can give you a really hard time. And then he/she is biased to someone and that hurts even more.

2. Beast Backlogs

“Engineering me back nahi aaya toh kya khaaak engineering ki?” — if you had no backlogs during your Engineering, then you have not pursued any Engineering.

This statement is an eye candy to a freshman, but ahmm ahmm.. when you fail at exams and everyone else passes (yes, the guys you partied with) gives the immense pain. A middle-class family guy is hurt more on a moralistic level, because it’s rarely the cause of poor studies, but someone who threw internal marks tending to zero in your mark sheet and you are still wondering, what was your fault. It becomes harder to come up with a stiffer courage to over come the backlogs and that is why you attend birthdays in the first two years of Engineering studies and last two are mostly funerals.

3. The Unreal Relationship

You fell in love, that too with the corridor-stopper of your branch. You should have known that you are not in any IIT or IIM, mate, and this ain’t a Chetan Bhagat Novel. I won’t say all of them but most Engineering College Romances fail miserably and later the two of them. The trauma is too much to take with so many things going on life simultaneously. A unreliable relationship should be avoided.

When these three major elements hurt you during your Engineering, your friends are always going to be there. (Yes, they are.) You would observe many others like you who are good for nothing at the college but flaunting their edgy hobbies while very few of them passionately succeed to become Engineers. It’s hard for us to meet the “Rancho” during our Engineering when we see the lobbies full of Raju and Farhans. The campus selections won’t tolerate any Rajus which they should ideally, but having backlogs will turn you ineligible to even think about giving most of the interviews during college campus selections & recruitments. I don’t know how Yogi Bhaiya from Pitchers got that 2.2 million package at Campus Selections with just 5.8 CGPA of degree when he took 7 years to complete his engineering. If Yogi Bhaiya was in our college, it would have taken him another seven years to see his name on the interview cut offs’ list. Jokes apart, as I said some guys flaunt their talents while flunking at the mainstream subjects, because that is where they are good, at their passion and that is what we should choose, always.

Follow your dreams. Be yourself.