Olympics and India.

2 medals and 7 smiles.

India won a bronze and then a silver, Sakshi & Sindhu, both Women Athletes who were competing Indian Patriarchy, wait! were they? I mean, all I saw there was women competitors from other nations playing as gracefully as always. But in India, it felt like it was the first time Women were allowed to play at Olympics, because our men athletes had all gone useless ( hadn’t they?) and feminism is the new fad, unless a woman on her menstruation periods asks for the permission to go to a temple, then it becomes a whole different story (NO OFFENCE, patriots.)

It’s a Nation where people admit that there’s a wave; wave of emotions, sympathy, empathy, trolls and mental extortion, absurdity, and then they get blindly blown by the wave without knowing if it’s good or bad, because the social system doesn’t allow us to think. Having a different thought than the mob is like introducing a malware to the system where millions of antivirus protection softwares are already installed, not just to remove the malware, but to destroy it; a malware of possessing own mind and thoughts. The nation owns us, by nation, I mean the mob, and so does the media & the attention seeker elites.

Everyone is praising the girls with the medals, just everyone and they fully deserve it. The government is showering money on them, free airway tickets to roam around the world and even more money just to make sure that that WOMAN claims that she belongs to their state. Thousands of people are googling their caste just to make sure that they are praising the right WOMAN to the right extent. But have we ever thought that these girls deserved all this well before going to the Olympics? Not really, not in the form of bumper prizes, but the appreciation should be for the hard work not the results only, and everyone does put a par amount of efforts into their game. Everyone deserves what the medal winners are getting, the life gambling gymnast (Deepa), the tennis sustainers (Sania, Paes & Bopanna) the Women’s Archery Team who missed the last the game by one point and went unnoticed (Deepika Kumari, Laxmirani Majhi, Bombayla Devi), the player who held racket despite being sick (Saina), aimed but couldn’t make it like most of the times (Gagan Narang), the marathoner who fainted due to dehydration because our Indian officials didn’t provide her water during the race at the right times (OP Jaisha), a golf player who just entered the Professional world and went into the finals (Aditi Ashok) , a shooter who already has a gold medal but couldn’t do it this time (Abhinav Bindra), a girl who couldn’t pass all the hurdles in time in the finale (Lalita Babar), almost everyone, because the other seven billion people in the world couldn’t achieve what they have. They got the support from their parents, their coaches, their family and partners, who didn’t think of patriarchal society or feminism or world war, but for nation’s pride sake, they prepared them. They played for the nation which is commendable.

“History is written by victors.”

Yes, true that. So that is why we need to put a small effort to appreciate our players and criticize them, but through out their career and not just during Olympics.

I take out a moment just to tell everyone who played in Rio Olympics and took a produnova with their lives flipping with our heartbeats, you are beautiful. I don’t give a damn about that medal, your gender or anything, you performed and it was amazing to witness it. Thanks.