Self-Driving Cars and Diversity
David Silver

David Silver, it all depends on what kind of diversity you’re talking about. First of all, we have to talk about the people that have typically been excluded from Tech in general, and who the dominant groups are who’ve been doing the excluding. Let’s see if some prior facts can help us understand the diversity issue by looking at the following info-graphic:

Clearly, the dominant group in the U.S. are White males and Asians in the high-tech population. The Latino and African-American group (which I’m part of), only account for less than 5% tech population…and in some companies less than 2%.

I’m hoping that someone of high-authority can shed some light on this, and perhaps find a solution to the diversity issue that we as Latino and African-Americans face in the U.S. It makes no sense at all, when the educational opportunities across the board appear to be equal, but the job opportunities are not!

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