Step 1 — Tell them they inspired you!

Hyde Park, Sydney, NSW, Australia | Jan 2017

“Make Sure the Important People in your life know how important they are before it’s too late.”

Quantifying the Quality of life… what does that even mean?! If you know me you know I’ve got a lot to say. And you probably know (or don’t know) I’m trying to be more with less. Sounds like an internally eternal battle to be honest.

What’s this 80.20 experience (aka #8020x) that I’ve blasted all of my social media with over the last few months? It’s a lifestyle experiment based on the Pareto Principle that 20% of input yields 80% of the output. It can also flip the other way around (80% of customers of a business generate 20% of its sales, or even go more extreme to 10/90 or the awesome 1/99 aka 1% of the world has 99% of the money). The number isn’t as important as the rough ration of 1:4.

My version of this documents my clumsy attempt to be more with less; or find out where the most value comes out of doing something. Where does the perfect amount of input (work) yield the most/best output? Where the X and Y Axis lines intersect (or for the qualitative folks out there that would be my happiness, success, or results). While it may sound “lazy” or someone taking shortcuts, it’s far from that. It’s taking “opportunity time” into consideration (similar to opportunity cost… but I kinda made that up :) so deal with it.)

Everything I do requires time and I, just like everyone else on this earth, only have 24 hours in a day. The older I get the more valuable my time is because I get closer to death (ie: no more time to do shit). To maximize my time and get more results to my liking would make the most sense, right? Eh… easier said than done and to me far from being lazy. (Yes… a bit defensive here for sure).

I have a few areas of my life that I will be focusing on in the upcoming future via this blog/writing platform. Art (Music, Film, etc), Fitness (Endurance Sports, Health, Nutrition, etc.), Social (questioning societies norms, expectations and general stupidness) and Technology (New emerging tech, Business, etc.) Some posts will be focused heavily on one thing and some posts will be broad and tie them all together. A DLake brain smorgasbord of sorts. I’m also attempting to flesh out a lot of complex ideas (existentialist right here) that are bottled up in my head and laser focus them in as clear and concise of a way that I can so that anyone interested could read it and walk away a bit more inspired to take what I said to the next level (or challenge and shoot down my idea and tell me I’m wrong!)

I’m going to fail a lot but from my experience that’s the only way to learn.

Evan Wallace aka E-Dubble | Baltimore, MD, USA | Dec 2013

A few weeks ago my great music friend Evan Wallace (aka e-dubble) passed away from an infection. He was cool as fuck, super talented/successful/well respected rapper/producer/musician, 34, and from what I knew pretty damn healthy. Not to be cliche but this made me realize I’m not invincible and time is extremely valuable. This also made me wish I told him how much he influenced me. His influence on a lot of people was very clear and as I read the comments about his death on the internetz it made me happy that he touched all of those people but also sad that I never told him what he did for me. I just assumed he knew. And… I also never took photos with him except for the one above. (Def taking more photos with people I value moving forward)

The other thing that stuck with me when I found out that he passed away was that I never told him how much respect I had for him. To be honest I was really never going to tell him as I had some grand idea that we would live to be 100 years old and I would have an event where we dressed in all white with violins playing in a garden and I told all of the people that influenced me that they played an important part of my life and how meaningful it was and when they did it and how they did it, etc. It’s a pretty ridiculous idea to be honest because that shit will never actually happen but it’s an interesting expectation none the less.

I then at the point realized that I had the choice to tell all of the people now how they have affected me and that I appreciate, respect and love them. This is an effort to be more effective with my limited time on the earth. While it’s not a direct correlation to my rule with the 80.20 expereince, this is allowing me to factor in the super messy variable of “emotions”.

I loved hanging with Evan and I wish I called/texted/tweeted him just once over the last 3 years to say “Yo… I jacked yo rhyme style on a few of my tracks! Thanks for the inspiration my dude.”

The funny thing is that when Evan passed my other great music friend (Jason Spaniol) that put Evan and I together in 2009, told me that something I said to him way back in 2008 had stuck with him to this day. He told me that I gave him permission to own his multi job hustling nature and appreciate it. He said after that talk with me he didn’t feel the need to defend and explain why he had so many forms of income (something I’m guilty of too). I honestly don’t even remember that conversation but to have affected him so much that it’s stuck with him and became a part of his internal narrative is pretty dope. Like… I actually touched someone, damn. And Just to think if Evan didn’t pass and I didn’t tell Jason, he wouldn’t have ever told me that and I wouldn’t have ever known. Fuck… that’s crazy.

Ermington Bay Natural Trail, NSW, Australia | Oct 2016

Moral of this story; Right NOW (not tomorrow or next week) I’m going to tell the people that I respect and love now when they influence, motivate, and help me. While I might assume they know already I think it’s better for everyone if I actually tell them. I have no problem being humble and giving credit where credit is due.

I guess this is my super systematic 80.20 experience maturing into something more than just a quantitative process outlook. It’s got a variable now of feels (ie: quantitative processing). And feels are very valuable in life.

I urge and challenge whoever reads this to do this more in your life. It can be a family member, co-worker or close friend. If there is something that you respect about them or something they’ve said and done in the past, tell them it. Doesn’t have to be an epically dramatic scene from a movie. Flick them a quick message that says “I appreciate you because you told me to do this a few months ago. Thanks you rock!” That shit will stick hard with them.

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