White House Petitions are like Throwing Water Balloons at a Tank

I see lots of parallels between Chavez in Venezuela & Trump today. This article talks about a lot of the mistakes his opponents made in trying to oust him which seem remarkably like what I see liberals doing today.

I’m most amused by petitions on the White House site. As the article says, a hissy fit isn’t a strategy. Trying to get under Trump’s skin by demanding his tax records while he dismantles the EPA & USDA, privatizes public parks and repeals Obamacare is like trying to fight a tank by throwing dog💩 at it. It’s funny but ultimately ineffective

He’s going to build a wall. He’s going to ban visitors from some predominantly Muslim countries. He’s going to repeal Obamacare. He’s going to lower taxes. He will install a conservative to the Supreme Court.

This is most of what the Republican base wants and for many independents doesn’t seem that bad.

His taxes didn’t matter during the elections when he was just making empty promises. Why would they matter now when he’s actually delivering results?

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