You had me going until here.

Spirituality has everything to do with Quantum Mechanics, quantum mechanics explains how the world is actually built and formed. We are composed of energy and eveything you see, feel, and sense is made up of 99.9% empty space so your entire Body is made from energy or frequency of light. This means in laymans terms everything you see as your reality is nothing more than a projection from your consciousness build around empty space and energy. The aspect of understanding knowledge comes from the ability to understand your own mind and personal awareness of reality. Information is at our fingertips but we are not utilizing it correctly instead we are on Facebook or posting on instagram. The objective to understand quantum mechanics Is a process of understanding the architecture of reality itself. So yes I do believe in many ways quantum mechanics and spirituality go hand in hand with each other. Meditation Is for learning, it is the observation of the mind and how we wish to see reality for what it is. Truth is ambiguous to the subjective experience so what you are merely quoting from a Wikipedia page is only a fraction of the understanding of quantum mechanics as whole. The problem is we are consumed with always feeling we are right instead of stepping out of our comfort zone and questioning our cognitive dissonance. The skeptic is truly only limiting themselves from expanding their view of reality. Never stop questioning. Something extraordinary is definitely happening.