Flutter Vikings 2022: My impressions

The Talks

Take Your Flutter Animations To The Next Level by Roaa Khaddam

Fun With Code Generation by Anna Leushchenko

Lifecycle of a Widget by Craig Labenz

Snapchat Filters with Flutter CustomPainter & ML Kit by Pooja Bhaumik

Advanced Scroll Techniques for Desktop by Renan Araujo

Native Platform View for Mobile and Beyond by Dominik Roszkowski

Flutter, FFI, And Fun: Windows Development With Dart And Win32 by Tim Sneath

Parallel Beauty — With Isolates Into The Mandelbrot Set by Thomas Burkhart

Building Flutter Apps In Lego Style by Anna Leushchenko & Oleksandr Leushchenko

Another World in Flutter by Simon Lightfoot

Quick start to game development in Flutter by Filip Hráček

The People


The Organization

Collection of t-shirts, inappropriate amount of stickers, and new friends for Dash!



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Daria Orlova

Flutter Developer @ChiliLabs • Tech writer, speaker & mentor • Co-founder of the Bunny Search app • Love traveling & animals. Especially cats!