Game concept

Sometimes it is much more attractive and interesting for the consumers to receive information or to get education in a form of the game. So I developed the concept of the game that will allow young people to decide which sphere of life and which profession suits them the best.

So you start the game with, most obvious, birth. Then you go through the life of your character the same way you would go through yours. During the process, different questions are asked, something like “would you join football club or dancing lessons”, “would you like to continue doing sports even if your grades at school are getting worse?” and so on.

Moreover, different questions about personality would be asked as well. “Do you consider yourself a brave person?” or “Are you easily disgusted by the sight of blood?”.

Through these type of questions the player continues with his/her life.

And by the end of the game you need to choose the profession yourself. Here comes the fun part: you can either get it right or wrong according to calculations made by the program.

For example in the end you decide to be a doctor, but according to your answers the suitable profession for you is a musician. Therefore you lost the game and chose the profession that makes you unhappy.