New crowdsourcing idea

How often we miss some good news and events just because we cannot find the right source to get an information from it?

Sometimes good pieces of news may appear in some small towns or somewhere where journalists don’t have the access to. So we can make a section on the website where people can send their stories and news from their towns and cities.

They can introduce the news by suggesting it and writing to our e-mail.

However, of course, the news should be proofread and checked, and only then spread to the webpage, as well as all the mistakes should be corrected. And we should mention that all the articles and projects, pictures and videos are made by the readers.

This project is beneficial for both sides. Firstly, it is attractive for the readers, because of the idea that they have an opportunity to play a role of real journalists and try their skills in writing and making visuals. And of course it would be nice for us, because we will get a lot of interesting pieces of news from people.