New game concept

I came up with two game concepts.

The 1st one is about plane crashes. It is supposed to get attention to recent crashes that happened around the world as well as to help people to find out what is the right thing to do during any SOS situation.

Imagine you are controlling the airplane full of people and it meets different obstacles in form of general questions about crashes, planes or asks you to find a myth or real fact. If your answer is right you continue flying, but if it is wrong you fall. There may be up to 30 questions and the idea is to keep flying as long as you can.

This is the second concept. It is known that terrorism is a world-wide issue nowadays and it is important to attract people’s attention to it. The idea is pretty simple and the game works in the similar principle as Pacman, but not the same. But instead of the monster you play as a police officer trying to catch running terrorists. They plant bombs that you should avoid. And you gain points if you catch them and lose points if you step in a bomb. 3 bomb — you lost.

And of course before both of the games start there would be a text message explaining how these issues are important and why we need to pay attention towards them, plus couple of facts from recent news.