What about swimming?

googles are +100500 for speed and comfort

This January I took personal swimming lessons and I think that it was the best way to spend my money.

The most resonable part was that it takes 5 minutes to go to swimming pool from my home. So, there is prevent my laziness to skip the training.

After 14 lessons (2 times in a week) I could use any kind of swimming style: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. And every lesson was an interesting adventure — new exercise, new knowledge. My couch carefully checking my technic and my results was improved day by day. I felt more free in water, I could go to another side of swimming pool with one breath, I could swimming 6 pools without break, I increased my speed.

As the result I not only can swim right, I keep my body toned. And, anyway, it is cool feeling, when after workday you go to swimming pool, get rid of stress and charge with joy. That’s why I continue to go to swimming pool two times in a week.

Some tips that help me:

  • For counting I use phrases like “I’m calm and relax” or “I can do everything” instead of just numbers. It helps switch my mind from “I’m tired” to more positive side and adds energy.
  • “The head give up first”. One time when I was sure that “I can not move anymore” I just kept moving and could finish program. Tired, but very happy and proud of myself.
  • To do everything with a pleasure

For motivation you should read this book:

John J. Ratey — Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain

Movement is really necessary not only for physical health but for mental too. Just detect your favorite kind of it and go!