Step by step to a new life.

Do you ever have the feeling that you are special? Not in a sense that you have a super power, but that you were made for accomplishing something great in your life? In my case, I was always wondering how I would die: my age, place, cause. But then, I would think that it can’t be that simple, I feel like I need to achieve so much more before leaving this world. Have you? Ever?

Apart from that, I thought that my life looks like a good book. I mean, it is good to read, but sometimes not that fun to live it. (I had a lot of drama during my teenage period and I think this drama never stopped). So it is interesting to me to analyze some events of my life. For example, during my trip to Granada from Russia I had no housing. Yes, I was going to nowhere. That was also a big reason to stress out on my way to Spain. Basically, I just planned meeting with a landlady, who was supposed to decide whether she wants to live with me or not after that meeting. Therefore, on my way to Granada from Malaga by bus, all I could think was “my eye bags!!!” Yes! I was crying for so long that I looked like a drug addict or a sick person, so I was trying hard to cover them with my concealer when an Italian guy from the front seat turned to me. My first reaction was “Whaaat, did I drop something? Is he blind? I look horrible, c’mone!” :D Thanks God, he talked to me that day, because all my attempts to cover eye bags were futile… I couldn’t stop crying anyway. However, thanks to him I stopped being sad and was distracted by our chat.

At the end of my first day in Granada, I have my housing with a wonderful landlady, who speaks English (it is super rare in Granada) and my first friend. Maybe my life isn’t a book yet, but some stories worth sharing for sure. It is not the first time when everything ends up being in my favor, but then I start doubt if it is possible not to pay for that later on…