5 Reasons Why We switched from Python To Go
Tigran Bayburtsyan

You gave quite bad example or should I say too simplistic one for “static typing”. Having said that, any large application or system is expected to have tests anyway and many large system have been built with Python successfully.
Performance? Well if you’re going to write games of course native blobs are way to go, but if you’re writing a service, CPU are least of your worries. 
No need for framework? Oh boy, yes, we should rewrite routing, auth, db layers every time from the scratch…
IDE support and debugging? You can’t debug in Python? You can’t have autocomplete in PyCharm? You can’t read API documentation? And I highly doubt that IDE can save you 80% of coding time, unless that IDE knows what you want to write on arhitectual level and AFAIK no IDE does that.
64% less code than earlier? Hmmm, so no framework, no generics and static types enabled you to to have 64% less code? I have to say, I’m surprised you had less code to begin with, let alone 64% less. Must have been some shitty code.

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