Any Friend… Who turns into an enemy — Been Hatin’

Been Hatin’ Been Hatin’

Charge it to the Game

La Vuelta Viene

The Game Cold

Play Your Hand Wrong

Leave Your Soul Froze /

Polar Ice Caps Collapse.

In The Void Of Space,

Devoid Of Oxygen —

You Can not Breath /

Should Of Been Humble /

But instead … You Burned Yo Bridge.

Now the Waters Troubled /

You can see Shark Fins —

As Fangs do Wait —

The Dens ah Hungry /

You should have Fed Your Wolves /

Cause There’s only one Foot between the…

Spoken Word Flow

Gun or God

God or Gun

Poor or Rich

Enrich or Snitch

God is Gun

Love The Bullet

Until It Pierce The Flesh

Imagine that 

It’s Called a Test

Flesh of my Flesh

Until… the Gun is God

Forget yo Flesh

You Lost Yo Breath

Got You Thinking Abrahamic Until You


Hope You Didn’t Have Regrets

Lost Yo Flesh

It’s Not a Test or Drill

The Game is Real

So Where’s The Power Lie?

With the Pen, the Pocket, the Pistol or the God Within

As Soldiers Cringe —

The Games We Play

On Any Given Fun. Day

Double Edged #FillInTheBlank

“Without darkness nothing comes to birth, as without light nothing flowers.”

The problem is the solution.

The solutions problem is fear of the loss of moon light.

Burning the midnight oil once the oil well is dry.

In a world quarantined, by generation.

The solutions problems problem, is a childlike fear of change.

Adults missing their Night Light.

Judging the Future, as if the train will ever Stop.

Watching & Waiting — Confused in the Still of the Night.

The hidden place where Greats birth life.

The reason you are reading: The reason we don’t lose.

The reason why new…

“The only thing that makes life unfair is the delusion that it should be fair.” — Dr. Steve Maraboli

During one of my first group Bikram “hot” yoga classes I was serendipitously positioned near a male I saw at a party the previous night. By the time the yogini leading our morning class entered the studio he was already sweating profusely & appeared ready to tap out pre-workout!

To my surprise, he didn’t tap out. He fought through the early vinyasa and near the middle of the class I over heard him mutter something akin to, “Please God Help Me!”…

Where Do We Go From Here: Pay Them More!

#FoodForThought #PolicingAmerican

From the moment I saw the George Floyd video I have been angry, not because the action portrayed in the video was egregious. Which it was. Instead, my perpetual anger stems from the fact that the former officers so callously assassinated Big Floyd on camera!

That was a tipping point. The moment, when brutality resembled something from a Sci Fi movie like Minority Report or an Action movie like Surviving The Game.

Vibrating Our Bones

Some of the most poignant Inspiration comes from a connection to desperation. Even when that, desperation is little more than an echo in our subconscious mind.

Reverberating with our past & vibrating our bones like divining rods in search of New World Water.

Flavored by the Mana, Strange Fruits & Lemonade that provided a path way to the moments thirst. For more, is less, thus it cost at least — the sands of time to prepare a comfortable Feast.

Originally Penned 05.19.20

“Surreal Serendipity As We Stand, Consumed By Rage — In The Face Of Unjust Rogue Actions. Shining Light Upon The Undeniable Symbiosis Between Art & Life.” — Donte’ A. Bundrent

Games In The Key Of Life v1

The Games we Play,

In The Key of Life

While The Sand Storms Rage

The Hourglass Stained;

By Indecent Proposals

Perpetually Viewing —

Polluted Pariah’s

Disguised like the Rest

Thus, there is no Rest

Perpetual Motion

In an Ambient Ocean

Surrounded By Sinking Sand

While Dice Roll on the Deck

The Games we Play,

In The Key of Life

To Be Or Not To Be

A Gamblers Conundrum

Smooth Seas or Skilled Maritime

Blue Oceans Or Red

Argo or Astro

I See Land Ahead

Full of Booty, Bread, Wine & Beauty

For All Whom The Riddle Calls

Answer at Risk of Peril

Nothing Ventured — Nothing Gained.

The Games we Play,

In The Key of Life

Son’s Of Madmoon b1 “Let The Saga Begin

See Food Information Diet

Of all the innovations the 21 Century has brought us — few compare to the unfiltered access we have via the Internet today. A virtual cornucopia of information at our disposal reminscient of the library of Alexandria in yesteryear.

With one major difference…

Our ancestors didn’t have reality tv, postmates, social media, viral videos, text messages or the attention span of a Goldfish. Thus, the information they received was relatively balanced & healthy. Whereas today most teenagers & young adults are bombarded with a none stop red light district styled feed.

A feed that is often filled with the proverbial…

Donte' A. Bundrent

Life + Times + Words + Wisdom | @darimusBe

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