101 : Esteem & Success

To excel in a competitive team based environment leaders have to display enough ego to believe they have earned a place at the table. This form of personal confidence can be the difference between victory and defeat in the workplace.

“The ties between self-image and performance are more important to your organization than you might think. Employee performance is important to improving bottom line revenue… Someone with high self-esteem will be satisfied with work performance and be more productive.”

— Anne Ward NCU PhD Organizational Psychology

In most situations a confident employee will outperform an equal or more skilled employee filled with self-doubt. That said, it behooves anyone who’s confidence is wavering to stare down the ill effects of Low Self Esteem in their personal and professional lives.

Here are a few reasons why this is important professionally:

If you don’t believe that you can — you can’t

This sounds like some pseudo-intellectual quasi spiritual mantra, but in all reality it is the truth. Hiding behind a wall of self pity is the easiest way to shrink beneath the pressure of achieving your full potential.

Constant comparison will have unhealthy side effects

At the end of the day your greatest opponent stares back at you in the mirror. If you allow self-doubt to poison your self-image, you will deteriorate from the inside out.

You will feel sluggish throughout the week

The pressure of comparison is a heavy burden to carry upon your shoulders. Carrying this weight will have negative side effects on your performance and drain your mental and physical energy.

You will miss-evaluate opportunities

If you can’t see the proverbial “flowers for the trees” that you plant in the form of negative self-affirmation. You will grow into an adult life filled with pause and hesitation in the face of potential advancement.

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