Double Edged #FillInTheBlank

There lived a _____ named _______.

_____ was a happy ____ who loved his ____ —loyal to the end.

During the day vigilance, routine, and play consumed the time behind the ______.

While at night his best friend would join him for a _______ & _______.

The night shift came next, when the wind was cool & the _______ aligned.

The calmest part of the day, before _______ start their _______.

_______ felt like a king in his _______ surrounded by _______ & a few adoring fans.

The _______ opened up in the morning while he watched his _______ venture out.

Leaving _______ to manage the _______.

As the years passed _______ & his _______ did prosper until one day his _______ missed a meal.

Fortunately, _______ was prepared for a drought, quickly _______ up ______ for a gourmet experience.

_______ disappearing had happened before, but by day ____ it felt different, causing _______ throughout his _______.

Vexed and perplexed by the _______, he soon began yelling ________ name.

Until a concerned ______ opened the _____ & offered a _______ that was great.

But _______ wouldn’t leave the ______, even after his _______ was no more.

An invisible _______ lay outside of the _______ which this ______ was too _____ to cross.

Sadly, stuck in a panopticon _____ of _____ own manifestation.

“Fear is a Success Killer.” — Donte’ A. Bundrent




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“Growth is uncomfortable — if it wasn’t everyone would be doing it!” — Donte’ A. Bundrent




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