Overrated #FillInTheBlank

_____ is overrated. For the Record, you heard me correctly. Now I know hearing this may shock you because of all the things you can do with it, but at the end of the day — it is only a _____. A versatile _____ but overrated nonetheless.

Most equate _____ to happiness; but I argue that this is a false equivalency.

An error made when one does not take time to examine personal motive:

Do you really covet _____?


Are you interested in acquiring _____ as a means to an end?

In most cases the “why” does not stop at _____. Instead, _____ tends to be a bridge builder moving one from one point to the next. With little regard to situation, motive & circumstance.

So unless you are _____ 🦆. Survey says, you should probably dig a little deeper before you continue along your _____ chase.

According to research aggregated by Forbes _____ is the number one _____.

I would hate to see you waist a finite _____ by spinning your wheels — stressed & depressed — because you are adopting the wrong attitude towards _____.

[5 Different Words #FillInTheBlank]

Call to Action

Take a moment & ask yourself:

What am I fighting for?
  • Have I identified my Mission &/or Vision
  • Have my Goals changed
If you need help taking action — seek assistance from a Pro!

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