Quick Success Hacks : Ambidextrous Problem Solving

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Too often distractions originate & swell from within. Our heart & mind struggle to determine how we should venture to resolve a conflict.

Do we follow passion or logic: Practicality or inspiration?

Viewing our mind & heart as diametrically opposed forces often stifles & delays the decision making process. Unnecessarily distancing us from a solution.

“One hand washes the other… Both hands wash the face.” Sam Giancana

When your head and heart — logic & passion — are at odds, I suggest that you pause to identify common ground. This act alone will help you defeat self-sabotaging internal conflicts by approaching problem solving ambidextrously. Essentially, allowing both “hands of your personality” to work cooperatively to identify a solution.

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Embracing both schools of thought: left & right brain philosophy. Will align your heart & mind allowing you to make decisions quicker & further develop your brand of leadership.

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“There is no clever trick that will allow you to escape from yourself: No matter how hard one tries — the mirror speaks truth to life. Thus, self sabatoge is a victimless crime.” Donte’ A. Bundrent

#YouVsYou #OneLife #Invictus

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