The Hypocrisy of Now

“Without darkness nothing comes to birth, as without light nothing flowers.”

The problem is the solution.

The solutions problem is fear of the loss of moon light.

Burning the midnight oil once the oil well is dry.

In a world quarantined, by generation.

The solutions problems problem, is a childlike fear of change.

Adults missing their Night Light.

Judging the Future, as if the train will ever Stop.

Watching & Waiting — Confused in the Still of the Night.

The hidden place where Greats birth life.

The reason you are reading: The reason we don’t lose.

The reason why new & old can’t win?

Afraid of the Dark & the Pressure Within.

Pseudo Soldiers — Afraid of the Fight.

Depending on Life Lines — when flowers bloom in the night.

Tipping points reached … The hypocrisy of now.

A place where most are stuck, while Asteroids rise.

Above half baked problems…

Carrying on, as Vanguards to the Dawn.

Since the Dawn of Time & it’s Illusion.


“You only get one life — don’t die before you’re dead: Grow, Gain, Prosper, Win!” — Donte’ A. Bundrent

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