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Snow Story 2014

Flakes fall while I enjoy my morning flakes. Her cakes call while I contemplate making hotcakes to oppose the frigid weather. Oh, how I wish I could embrace this opportunity to enjoy a little cabin fever but duty calls or dudee barks as the tail is leading her terrier’s head… The perks are great, but this monogamy thing has its pitfalls.

Remember that kid, in that movie, with the snotty noise running late trying to catch the bus to school?

Never in my wildest dream would I expect to be tasked with the burden of carrying this bag.

I hope I didn’t startle you. I was in a rush when I entered the bus.

No. No. I just…. Figured you were in a rush.

Hypothetically speaking…. What would you do if in the blink of an eye your day was turned upside down and you knew, you would have to make a decision that may…Well… change your life unexpectedly?

Well… son…. That’s a good hypothetical question, which I can relate to on a personal level. [Sotto] All that matters to me in this world are my children and the student’s in my classroom. I would be lying to you if I said that I had always been this selfless but for me… when I was at my darkest hour they kept me moving forward. You could say that… they gave my life meaning again after we lost their mother a few years back…. I’m not sure if that helps but that is the answer that came to mind and the reason we get away for Winter Breaks. So… if you are thinking about marrying her — you have a world of love to look forward to.

Yes that helps a lot — thank you for taking the time to share.

Excuse me Ma’am. I left my phone at the lodge. Can I borrow your phone for a quick call? I would really appreciate it.

What to do?

Is everything ok? You look troubled.

As much as I would like to say yes… in reality — no.

It sounds like quite the adventure has presented itself.

What will you do next?

Well… [pause] The bag is my top priority but… I have to touch base with Desiree and change clothes before I get farther into this adventure.

Life would not be worth living without the occasional surprise. That’s why I love to Ski. The slopes like situations in life are never the same when you revisit them. Tell me more about Miss Desiree; she seems to be a pretty important lady.

[pause] She is the first woman in a long time that has… kept me on my toes. She is fearless which can often be a bad thing but even in the worst of times — leaves me with something to think about.

Thinking is good… I can tell that you are a thoughtful person based upon your decision to cling onto that bag. [sotto] When I was a young woman I meet a man who kept me on my toes too. He was a brave man who taught me the true meaning of courage. If it wasn’t for him — I would have never been able to start skiing, to stop worrying, and to take time to prioritize my life.

We had two children together… Who, I don’t think I fully appreciated until he was gone.

I taught my grandchildren how to ski on this mountain. I have an opportunity to teach people how to participate in my favorite past time as a retiree… at the end of the day, from my experience things seem to work out in the end.

I was taken aback…

My mind is traveling abstract fast…

Home Bitter Home — or at least almost back to mission control…

I have no idea who but I am sure that someone or body is clearly focused on retrieving this bag.

I still haven’t talked to Desiree! Oh, &@?/!

The odds are not in my favor.

I am hungry.

Hello, Honey Boo Boo — how can I help you?

Baby, I love you & I will do anything to make it up to you!

Be safe. Baby I love you.

You better!

The price we pay for….

There he is… Ladies and Gentleman — the “Black Sonny Bono!”

Need food badly.

Ladies and Gentleman, duty calls… If you need any assistance in my absence my entire staff is at your disposal.

Eating was welcomed. I have been told that the body has a glucose dump when overwhelmed with deep thought and quandary.

Are you finished?

Yes Ma’am.

My little sister will be in town next weekend. So… if you have messed things up with Desiree — I don’t want to hear about you trying to rebound.

What’s in the bag man?

… & now I’m here. Appreciate the meal.

Only you … You have a random life my friend. [pause] Did I ever tell you about the Yoga Instructor I used to date before I moved up North?

She once told me about a guy who attended her class on Thursday evenings. A guy she would never forget for a couple of reasons. First, he was a heavy set guy who never really committed to the poses… instead he would spend most of his time legging watching and after class would flirt with some of the ladies in attendance.

Now… This wasn’t all that strange — lots of guys dabbled in it. I meet her doing the same thing my friend!

The second thing is what really makes this guy stand out…. He loved puzzles and actually made a fortune off of them. He was working on a new puzzle when he began attending the class. A puzzle… he brought up to break the ice before showing off pictures of his car collection… He paid and tipped well, so she tolerated him. Until one day, she had to kick him out of the class abruptly when he started screaming out randomly about how he hated the puzzle while swinging his rolled up yoga mat like a baseball bat!

That was the last time he attended the class my friend. Do you catch my drift?

No man. I can barely think straight.

Exactly, that is the point. Some puzzles aren’t meant to be solved and if you think too hard about them you will only drive yourself crazy! Remember that guy while you think about what to do with that bag my friend.

Worried or not — I cannot pretend like this bag doesn’t exist.

I should probably order food on the way home. A warm greeting will invite distraction from the day’s events.

Can you spare some change? I lost my transfer and need some help getting home…

Sure you do… if home is on Sailor Jerry’s vessel or Mr. Daniels estate!

At this point, my best bet will be to grab Chinese outside of Lakeshore Park.

Who’s on first?


The ball and chain is slowing me down.

I got to find a sled.

Who are they? I’ve seen the contents. What will they….

For your Troubles.

One guy was tall and the other guy was taller. Taller was fast, while tall was linebacker broad. Both in good shape and armed to tranquilize. Something in the helmet masked the voices — leaving the accents robotic.

Dazed but not defeated…

Desiree will never believe this….


She has no choice but to hear this, I’ll remove the option to ignore.

For you. Desiree!

Life + Times + Words + Wisdom | @darimusBe

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