Vibrating Our Bones

Some of the most poignant Inspiration comes from a connection to desperation. Even when that, desperation is little more than an echo in our subconscious mind.

Reverberating with our past & vibrating our bones like divining rods in search of New World Water.

Flavored by the Mana, Strange Fruits & Lemonade that provided a path way to the moments thirst. For more, is less, thus it cost at least — the sands of time to prepare a comfortable Feast.

Originally Penned 05.19.20

“Surreal Serendipity As We Stand, Consumed By Rage — In The Face Of Unjust Rogue Actions. Shining Light Upon The Undeniable Symbiosis Between Art & Life.” — Donte’ A. Bundrent








Life + Times + Words + Wisdom | @darimusBe

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