Where Do We Go From Here: Pay Them More!

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From the moment I saw the George Floyd video I have been angry, not because the action portrayed in the video was egregious. Which it was. Instead, my perpetual anger stems from the fact that the former officers so callously assassinated Big Floyd on camera!

That was a tipping point. The moment, when brutality resembled something from a Sci Fi movie like Minority Report or an Action movie like Surviving The Game. The moment, when every well adjusted American should have been outraged by the systemic racism & brutality that has been denying black & brown people “happy endings” since our countries original sin.

Where Do We Go From Here?

After weeks of civil unrest, protest & riot related damage in more than 20 countries which will total in the billions.

Minneapolis, city counsel decided to “defund the police.”

A movement that aims to reallocate police department funds to under funded line items on our cities budgets.

A noble endeavor that opens itself up to political spin artistry. In turn running the risk of being swallowed up by talking heads who aim to fragment bipartisan outrage aimed at systemic tyranny.

Politically Charged Headlines

That said, I have been mulling over a premise which I believe is worth consideration by concerned citizen and legislatures:

What If

Instead of “defunding the police” — we pay them more!

While simultaneously, reducing the supply of officers, requiring external licensing & much more well rounded training in state & federal law, decorum, ethics, mental health & effective physicality.

On the surface this sounds crazy considering our current civil unrest, but once I present an example scenario — you will be introduced to an idea aimed towards creating a rebranded police force that is integrated into the community & comprised of members of the community being policed.

Ex. Scenario

Step 1

Create Jr. Officers — like a doctors assistant — who specialize in mental health, social work, community outreach, homeless outreach, & first response to non violent incident.

In this scenario, Jr. Officers only respond to the cases that fall into their wheel house, can detain but not arrest or file criminal charges until a Sr. Licensed Officer approves the charge.

Step 2

Have Sr. Officers licensed by an external agency. After completion of a highly competitive academic / physicality training program which puts restrictions on the amount of applicants accepted annually nationally — akin to current medical or law school restrictions.

As supply decreases, demand goes up, allowing municipalities to pay a diverse group of Sr. Officers more money. While also attaching this lucrative career to external licensure: Licensure that could be suspended or revoke if the Sr. Officer commits malpractice.

(Granting an external licensing agency the power to revoke Sr. Officers, Detectives, Lieutenants, etc license would mitigate the power of police unions. While, empowering external internal affairs.)

The Jr. Officers without arresting power — would be able to assume the role of “good cop”….

Rebranding relationships between the police force & local communities overtime via earnest outreach. Cities could even require Jr. Officers to live within the communities they police or a percentage of Jr. Officers to be selected from the community they serve.

The Sr. Police officers, detectives, lieutenants, etc. would hold a prestigious & unquestionably profitable trade which overtime could be respected in historically disenfranchised communities.

A trade that in the short-run becomes challenging to acquire, maintain & too profitable for Sr. Officers to “risk” losing over malpractice. I.e. Police Brutality, Falsifying Evidence, Looking The Other Way In The Presence Of Tyranny

The aforementioned idea changes the narrative, punishes police malpractice, incorporates the community, makes it harder to politicize an issue impacting All Americans & selects officers based off of merit, instead of nepotism.

Where do we go from here?

I wish I had all the answers. Hopefully forthright commentary moves us one step closer to our collective destination.







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