Chapter 7

“I hope you know I pack a chain saw

I’ll skin your ass raw

And if my day keeps goin’ this way I just might

Break your fuckin’ face tonight!!” — Limp Bizkit

Eric returned to the pool table with a fresh drink. He was already hammered. “Ok, the girls break first.”

“Oh, so it’s team girl vs. the bitchy old ladies.” I quipped.

Then I directed Jenna to break.

“I’m not very good at this, but ok.”

“Ladies first.” I said.

Immediately she scratched.

“Oh, skip a turn!” explained Eric, looking satisfied that he’s already planning on winning. And so proud that he is better than a young girl, who has little experience with billiards.

Eric’s drink was nearly gone in a mere ten minutes. This was my time to pounce. It looked like “team girl” was loosing.

“Eric, your beer is nearly gone. Want another? How about you “Sam”, and you Jenna, what’s your pleasure? It’s all on me.” I interrupted the game.

“Sure man.” Eric seemed excited at the offer.

“Sam would like whatever you’re drinking.” The white supremacist said in a bullying way, as he grabbed Josh’s shoulder, holding a pool cue in the other hand. Was this some sort of lame way to display dominance over Josh?

Then I said to Jenna, “I know what you want.”

I told them all I would be right back as I exited the billiards room heading towards the bar.

Just David remained behind the bar, taking over for his bartender who left for the night.

“I’d like another round for all in the billiards room.

Oh, and can I have a towel with ice wrapped in it? “

“You bet, I’ll even bring it all to you guys in there. What’s do you need the ice for, somebody hurt themselves?”

“Nothing serious, Sam just got hit by the bathroom door as someone was coming out, and I want to put some ice on the back of his neck to stop his nose from bleeding.”

David began working on it all.

“Hey David, can I bug you one more time?” I guested here to come to me.

He seemed to stumble when walking towards me.

I quietly asked him, “Do you have any hard alcohol hidden away? I’ll be discreet.”

“Some Vodka at our place. I will be happy to load you up if you’re not like these little assholes and can handle it.”

“Awesome, just leave it in my room. I will be happy to pay for it.”

“No charge on that one, and no problem. Consider it a welcome gift. Might be a few minutes though.”

“Thanks man!, That’s kind of you David.” Then I added, “David; super cool if you can get to my room very soon.”

“I know how it is, I’ll bring it right away. Just never mention it.”

I returned to the eccentric billiards room. “Drink’s are on they way folks.”, I announced.

When David brought the tray of alcoholic beverages in, and a pile of ice with a white towel at the bottom, I grabbed two drinks off it, and put them aside. I grabbed the towel containing the ice, wrapped it up, and instructed Josh to hold it behind his neck. “This should stop the bleeding buddy.”

“Darin, your delivery is here now.” David winked.

When David existed, I grabbed Josh’s beer. “Excuse me, I must leave one more time, you guys keep playing.”

“Where now loser? Team “lady” is winning ver soon.” Eric said.

Then I knew what would make Eric follow me up to my room for sure. I grabbed Jenna’s drink too, and let the three of them know I would return in a few minutes.

“Why are you taking their drinks?” Eric, said looking puzzled even more than he probably does on a regular basis.

“Because I have something special for my two friends to enhance the pleasure man.”


“No, something like that though.” Then I thought the idea of cocaine in his drink might be appealing to him. “Ok, yeah it’s coke”.

“No, I don’t want any.” Said Jenna. I retrieved her drink .

“Josh, hows’ your nose bleed?” I asked.

“I think it’s under control.”

Eric, the white supremest , handed me his glass. “I’ll take hers.”

“Sure man, no problem.” I grabbed her glass and handed it to him.

I carried two drink’s up to our room where I discovered a bottle of Stoli in an ice bucket on a night stand. I poured a three quarters of Erics’ drink out in the bathroom sink, and filled the rest with vodka to the top. This will finish his drunk-ass for the night, I thought. Josh had left the television on where the news was talking about Cary’s trial. I learned it was slated to start next week after many setbacks.

Back in the billiards room, I handed Eric his spiked beer, and Josh’s beer back to him. I bet on Eric being so smashed already, that he wouldn’t notice the vodka taste under a dark beer.

My cell rang. I answered; “This is Darin.”

Dana; “Hey there. Yeah, don’t worry about work tomorrow, for you, but we will need Josh.”

“I will bring him back in the morning.”

“You ok?”

“I’m fine, and having a great time. The question is how are you doing?”

Static. M phone didn’t have much reception in the area unless I was standing just at the right spot.

“You there” I asked. Then, “Hello?”

I moved backwards, she was speaking. “or such thing, so I guess I will or won’t see you tomorrow.”

“Hey can you hear me?” I nearly screamed.


“Well, night Dana.”

Team Girl lost. The White supremacist, looked exuberant over team Bitchy Old Ladies win.

“Congratulations Eric, and Sam. I got to head up to the room again to make a phone call where my phone comes in the best, to call Dana back and clear some things up.” I announced. “Be back shortly.”

I came close to Josh’s ear, so only he could hear. “I need you to stay with her. I’ll come for you soon. Do not come to the room.”

I went to Me and Josh’s Austin Powers room. I peed, then tried to call Dana back only to get her voice mail again. I just hung up. If Josh was going to be late, I’ll explain later, I thought.

I heard someone trying to open the door.

“Just a minute! Be right there Josh”, I yelled clicking off my phone.

I opened the door. Standing before me was Eric, swaying in drunkenness.

“Come on in man”

“Hey.” He said slurred. “Just wanted to let you know you just took the sheriffs daughter on your little motorcycle of yours, and that she’s only 17. So I guess this is the place for you’re little orgy.” Eric added as he pointed to the paisley covered bed.

“No, just me and Josh.”

“You guys are queer, aren’t you?”

“That’s on a need to know basis.” I was planting some seeds in his head.

“Why is there only one bed?” He sounded nearly whiny.

“Ok, you called it. Guess there’s no hiding it. Josh and I are lovers.” I lied.

“I knew it!”

There was some small talk. His eyes were glassy. I hated his look. Hair, short as can be without being bald, wife beater on, jeans, and military style boots, a swastika with sculls, and roses tattooed on his bicep, I noted earlier.

“Hey Eric, everyone has a guilty pleasure. Everyone has secrets. I bet you do too. In fact, I’ll bet my life that you jerk off furiously even day”

“No I don’t. I never jerk off.” he sounded more drunk than ever. Surprisingly, I could understand him.

I laughed as he angrily exited. He seemed pissed, and then left the room.

Forgetting why I even was in the room, and not back at the billiards room, I just decided to turn on the T.V. Cary Stayner’s trial was a major news story, it was on nearly every channel I turned to burring the 11:00 P.M. hour. Just when I clicked the television off, a key turned the doorway. Josh walked in, alone.

“Eric is hella messed up. He’s such an asshole. He said, “Have fun letting your Daddy screw you, faggot, right in front of some of his aryan nation friends that came in while you were gone. Jenna left, said goodbye to you. Dude, that was the Sherifs daughter you just took on a ride, she’s only seventeen, I hope you kept it in your pants.”

“Yes, I’ve been told, and yes, my penis never left my Levis. How’s your nose?”

“Fine. I just feel humiliated. All night.”

Josh and I laid on the bed and watched something on MTV for about 45 minutes until there was a knock on the door.

“Come in Eric”, I yelled.

“What?” Josh asked in disbelief.

Eric had moved away from the door when I opened it, and stood at the landing of the stairs.

“Forget something?” I asked.

“Come here.” He wanted me to come out. I did. “Darin buddy, what’s up? What are you and Josh up to?

“Screwing like bunnies, watching porn, and drinking vodka tonics.” Not fearing him at all, I then said, “Want to come in and play?” Eric didn’t say anything as he staggered inside our cabin. Josh had taken off his shirt earlier complaining about the heat. Eric just stood there, wide eyed, looking at Josh, then back to me. “So can you guys give me a line?” I had to think about this, what he asked.

“We snorted it all.” I lied to him.

Josh got up from the bed, and went to the bathroom, and seemed to slam the door angrily followed by the sound of the door locking.

“So Eric, I heard you say tonight that all faggots must die, or something like that. Why are you here?” I toyed with him.

“I just want to hang out man.” He answered.

“Well, me and Josh are screwing. But you know what, it would be fun to have a third. Want to fuck around with us? I think you do.” I moved closer to him.

“No way man, I’m no fag.”

“Why are you here?”

Eric couldn’t make eye contact with me.

“I invited you in to screw around with us, and you came inside the room, what are you really here.”

“I just wanted..”

“Fuck your wants and honor my need.” I unzipped my jeans.

He looked vacant, but followed orders. Amateur fellatio for all of five-seconds occurred. Then I grabbed him by the very throat my dick was down, and raised him to my eye level, knocking his head into the wall. A picture fell down a few feet away.

“You ever lay a hand on him again in your natural life, I will end it.” I threatened. Then I clocked him straight across the eyes, sending blood instantly streaming from his nose.

He didn’t fight back. He just held his face. I grabbed him by the balls and lead him to the door I just opened.

“Get the fuck out of here, faggot” I mimicked his words.

I still held him by the nape of the neck, and lost it about three stairs down where pent up anger raised my foot, and kicked him down the stairs into the pine needles.

“Get up.”

Eric followed my angry order. Still pissed off, I grabbed him by the back of the neck and led him to the bar where several new people were there, some looking just like Eric.

“David, this guy hit Sam. And I know first hand he likes sucking dick. I suggest you not serve him anymore, and I’do the honors of kicking him out for you” I shoved him out the front door.

Silence except for the jukebox.

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