5 Ways To Choose a Hijab Style For Your Face Shape

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Hijab fashion is revitalizing and blossoming in many ways nowadays. Wearing hijab has become a fashion symbol; girls pref er a stylish yet decent look for wrapping their head. Due to rapid advancement in the hijab world, a variety of different styles have been introduced recently. However, it is imperative to choose the hijab style that complements the shape of your face.

You need to figure out what kind of hijab style goes best with your face shape and gives you a flawless look. Keeping this thing in view, it becomes necessary for you to determine your face shape so that you can select the hijab style according to your facial structure. First, let’s find out how to assess your actual face shape.

Here’s 5 ways to choose the right hijab style that matches your face shape:

Finding out your exact face shape is not a big deal; it just involves a few basic steps. Although there are several face shapes in the world, more or less, they fall into some primary categories.

In order to determine your face shape, three things play an essential role: the widest part of your face, shape of your jaws and the length of your face. Here is some explanation of how these elements can determine the shape of your face:

Identifying the widest part:

Firstly, you need to look carefully in a mirror and find out the broadest part of your face. In case, if it is the forehead and your face tapers down softly towards the chin, then it means that you have a heart-shaped face, which is also called a triangular-shaped face.

However, if the area of cheekbones is the widest one, then it means you have a diamond-shaped face.
Finally, if each area of your face is equally broad, then it means that you have a square or round-shaped face.

Determine the jaw shape:

The next thing that you need to figure out is the shape of the jaw. Typically, people with round jaw shapes have a round face shape. On the other hand, the square-shaped face is the one that has strongest jawlines; this is not a hard-and-fast rule since some diamond faces can also have a square jaw. If you have a pointed chin, then it means that your face is heart-shaped.

Determine face length:

This procedure can be effortless if you measure two lines on your face: one horizontal just below your eyes, from one ear to the other.

If the ratio is one in width and 1.5 in length, then it means that you have an average face length. However, if the ratio is 1:1, then this means your face shape is round. In case if you have a long face, then the chances are that you have a rectangular or oblong shape, but it can also be the indicator of other face shapes as well.

Where to get hijabs according to face shape?

Bokitta is the ultimate brand choice for hijabis who want to purchase hijab according to their face shape. So do you have any idea what makes Bokitta the best brand? Here is a quick review of top reasons:

  1. Bokitta’s hijab collection is made up of high-quality material.
  2. It is the first brand to offer patented pinless hijabs.
  3. There is a vast variety to choose from.
  4. They design hijabs according to face shape.
  5. They include the latest trends in their collection.
  6. Their prices are very reasonable.
  7. Shipping option is also available.

Choose hijab style according to your face shapes:

Grabbing the right hijab according to facial features is not an easy job, especially in this world where modest fashion is booming and creating infinite styles and designs. With the above information, you should be able to recognize your face shape; now it is time for you to know what hijab styles go best with which face shapes:

Oval shape:

Did you know that the oval shape is considered to be a universal one? It is a perfect shape as it can hold a variety of styles. This shape is characterized by having prominent cheekbones with a smooth chin; so, if you have this universal face shape, you are among the lucky ladies.

Talking about the best style for this shape, you can use a hijab having loosely draped style. You can wrap the scarf loosely around your head and fold it under your chin. However, if you prefer a fitted hijab style, then keep the sides of your face clear or without wraps; it will add grace to your appearance and make your face look round and short as well.

Hot tip:

If your forehead is round-shaped, then it is better to wear a cap under the hijab to lessen the impression of the roundness.

Long shape:

The only difference between long and oval shape is that the forehead and chin are a bit more extended in the long one. In order to balance the long face shape, you need to add volume towards the forehead. The wraps must be done right at the bottom of your cheekbones for a flawless look.

Hot tip:

Even the turban style hijab will go perfect with this face shape.

Round shape:

The round shape is characterized by having equal sides of your face, not only from width but from length side as well. If you want to frame a round face flawlessly, then go for the loose wraps as they will enhance your features. It can also add towards texture and reduce the impression of roundness.

Square shape:

In a square shape, the jawline is beautifully defined, but the angles need to be softened. To do so,it is suggested to wrap softly around your chin, and you will see a significant difference in your appearance. It is better to wear a bit higher hijab. Keeping the chin and cheekbones uncovered will enhance the overall look and make your face look like oval or long.

Diamond shape:

This one is the most unique and rare face shape; the charm of this shape lies in the softness of the angles. The best way to take hijab is by folding behind jaw line. You do not really need to add any other folds, keep your look smooth and versatile.

Best wrap styles for all hijabis:

Now that you know how you should carry your hijab style according to your face shape, you need to know your options regarding the hijab materials. Given below are the top wrap styles for all hijab lovers:


One of the classic wrap styles is Voila. It provides a short length and is available in chiffon material since this material is the best seller one. However, other materials are available as well in this particular category; for instance, crepe, satin, and georgette too. This hijab style involves matching inner.


This hijab style issomewhat like Voila, but it has longer sides. It can provide coverage to a greater extent; however, if you are looking for a shorter length, then you must go for Voila instead. Chic is a perfect hijab style for tall ladies having round face shape. This hijab is available in chiffon, satin, georgette, and viscose as well.


If you are looking for tightly-framed styles and prefer jersey hijab, then Zain style is for you. Being in a single piece, this one is an instantly wrapped hijab. You can tuck the extra fiber of your scarf into your shirt for a sleeker look.

For a more formal look with Zain hijab, you can drape it over the shirt. The best thing about this hijab style is that it gives you the opportunity of trying various methods. The material of Zain is made up of 100% natural fibers.

ASAS Sports hijab:

This hijab style is highly recommended for all ladies who are not willing to go with loose wrap styles. This one consists of tight wrap neck design and under caps, which makes it ideal for sports. If you are looking for a hijab that can cover your neck as well, then ASAS is the best option. It is made up of high-quality natural fibers. Moreover, it can also be used as a base for various styles.


Last but not the least hijab style is Taj; it has a short length and can cover your body area above the chest. It offers flexible styling as it provides perfect hijab look for a sophisticated look. The texture is not transparent; it is made up of 100% cotton. A tassel is also attached at the end as an accessory.

Tips to carry your hijab gracefully:

Here are some general tips that can assist you in carrying your hijab more gracefully:

  • Accessories can create a flawless and stylish look. While you decide to wear your favorite veil, add some accessories like a necklace or a handbag to achieve a different look.
  • Glasses are often overlooked; if you use some stylish glasses over your hijab, you will definitely look even more gorgeous.
  • Black and white hijab colors are a must-have in your wardrobe, as they can best go with any outfit when you are indecisive about which color hijab to wear. You can also select other hijab colors based on your skin tone.



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