Invest in Brands You Love™

FanVestor is the next generation global Fan engagement ecosystem, enabling crowdsourced fundraising for sports, entertainment, and media that allows Fans to invest in global projects they love. Whether it is crowdfunding a shoe line, investing in professional sports teams, or raising money for charity, FanVestor ™ is the platform that connects brands with their global Fans.

FanVestor ™ provides a fully compliant and legal global ecosystem that allows Brands to raise funds through an Initial Brand Offering ™ and enables Fans to invest in ownership opportunities and sell across global markets.

For Fans

By participating in an Initial Brand Offering ™, fans now have the unique opportunity to become a partial Owner of and participate directly in the successes of their favorite athletes, musicians, artists or teams. …


Darin Kotalik

VP, Marketing at Dispatch with over 15 years of experience developing product, business and marketing strategies, most recently in blockchain.

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