Unlike the government, the first amendment does not refer to private companies. A private company has the right to do whatever it wants with its employees and its content within legal bounds. Therefore, Google can fire someone who torpedoes their employee productivity by violating their code of conduct. Additionally, an Uber driver can kick someone out of their car for saying something racist if it makes them uncomfortable. A private college can refuse to allow a racist person to speak.
Reasonable arguments and free speech
Catt Small

As a corollary to this government vs. private distinction, a private institution can facilitate and encourage a climate where hate speech is condoned from the top down.

As a faculty member of 11 years with tenure, I was fired from a Mormon University because I defended a professor accused of homosexuality and in appropriate conduct. Complete fabrications condoned by the admin. and therefore ritualistically followed by the faculty of automatons. I was the only one who took a stand against the free speaking of lies, deceit, and prejudice. And, I could do nothing because they were a private organization.

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