They Can Leave the Church, But They Can’t Leave the Church Alone
Brie Sweetly

You speak my soul and my pain. You point at the irony of “happy father’s day” when dad is the one breaking the eternal family. You give voice to deeply traumatized people who are shut down and shut up with with cliches, sayings, reflexive beliefs, semantic alienation, verbal abuse, and dismissal. My wife asks why I can’t just leave it alone and I respond because the church blinded, indoctrinated, manipulated, lied, guilted, rejected, alienated, belittled, humiliated, and brainwashed me for 45 years. I can’t leave it alone because the mormons so thoroughly formed my world view that I am still blind and ignorant. Neural pathways, complex and powerful, destroyed my brain, and I can’t simply pick the neurons of the church out of my brain structure. I can’t leave it alone because I love and care about human beings and am passionate, devoted, and committed to the truth regardless of who it harms. No Mormons realize that in the end it hurts me most. I am the one deceived, abused, and oppressed.

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