Making Tire Tune

I want to build apps that people can use when they need to but not all the time.

Build a portfolio of products that add peace of mind to people’s day so they can worry about more important things. Designing Tire Tune starts with a simple goal. Make it easy to find tires for the type of vehicle you drive. But that wasn’t the only thing we wanted to do. We want to build something bigger that has an impact on how we view something as simple as a Tire. Because the tire hasn’t changed all that much since it’s introduction. But the way to get a Tire or get help when something happens to yours can be a big pain.

Tires are so important but we always forget about them until something bad happens.

You can call us Uber for tires if you want to. But we see it as much more than just helping you find or replace your tires. We want to build more features over time and so we will be continually updating Tire Tune every few months to add useful and even more enhancements.

A community driven platform

I want to build a community driven platform. A platform that doesn’t give us simple feedback but also tells us what to add or remove if it doesn’t get used enough.

Tire Tune Pass

A subscription based service for $7.99 that allows you to get assistance when and where you need it. We will be adding more partners over time to this service but we plan on rolling this out with an invite system. We are new to this so we need time before we can reach everyone but we will be letting each user invite up to 7 people. In return those people can each refer 7 people. So we plan on this being our first big launch into the App Store and Google Play Store. We are targeting a late fall release on both iOS 11 and Android O. Of course more details and product demos will be shown off later on in development. But for now just know that we are working on Tire Tune for as many people as possible. We look forward to hearing from you with feedback and suggestions. In fact to start on that process we would like you to stay turned for an update next week when our website will be going live.

Thank you.

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