World’s first decentralized pawn store for crypto currency

Today the website of the first online pawn store for crypto currencies launched. In the near future, customers will be able to deposit their crypto coins in wallets controlled by Crypto Pawn, and immediately get loans by bank, cash or crypto coins.

This can be very useful for people who need liquidity fast, but didn ́t want to sell their coins. No fixed run time and no long verification process needed. Interest rates are added per day in the normal range of the lending market, based on supply and demand.

Crypto Pawn will run fully decentralized based on the ethereum blockchain using smart contract technology. Because safe smart contract development needs a lot of time, the daily business will be handled by human during the first year.

An uncapped crowdsale will be used to finance the project. The crowdsale phase will lead for one month and the minimum funding goal will be 100 ́000 dollar. It will be possible to exchange crypto currencies with shares of the stock company behind Crypto Pawn.

The two crypto enthusiasts, Dario Mannhart and Vanessa Gabler, teamed up to realize their vision of the world ́s first decentralized pawn store. Both studied at the University of Zurich, where they graduated with a master degree.

According to the motto: “Not another crowdsale!” investors will receive real shares of the stock company called Crypto Pawn AG. The company will be launched right after a successful crowdsale in Zug, Switzerland.

There will be no founder share — if the founders want to get shares of the company they have to invest money like everybody else. Founders will receive a fair salary if they work for the company.

The idea and concept of the project have a bright future. There are no competitors on the market at the moment. The team behind makes a capable and trustworthy impression and the decentralization seems to be they key of success.

Private keys of the wallets used during the crowdsale are safely held by a well-known law firm based in Zug, Switzerland. The law firm will be responsible for the launch of the company and the distribution of the shares.

Investments are accepted in different crypto currencies. The crowdsale starts on the 2 April 2017. For the white paper or further information like the roadmap or other facts about Crypto Pawn visit their website. Get your shares now!