In the midst of the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus school in Weimar, John R. Blakinger publishes a work that investigates the legacy of the school rather than its history. The book, Gyorgy Kepes: Undreaming the Bauhaus, recontextualizes the Bauhaus’s approach fifty years later by retracing Kepes’s working life at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Kepes was a pupil of László Moholy-Nagy, one of the most prominent figures of the movement. When Moholy moved to the US to establish the New Bauhaus in Chicago, just before the Second World War, he invited Kepes to follow him. Kepes hesitated for a…

Dario Rodighiero

Digital Humanist deeply versed in design practice. Researcher @metalabharvard and @snsf_ch fellow.

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