All you should take from others is inspiration

We are sorrounded by a lot of people, a huge number, unless you live at the pole or on the Everest. Plus, being a human in 21 century means we can get in touch and keep in conctact with people from all over the world.

It’s kind of a shame we didn’t have such a technology before: imagine Aesop writing stories on Medium, Da Vinci creating a web page with a portfolio of his works and Ghandi live streaming the salt march.

All of that wasn’t possible, but today we are in a world in which we can share everything with virtually anybody on this planet.

But that doesn’t mean we should. I’ll explain this: I love sharing pictures with my friends and telling my life trough a social network, but an experience is much more than 10 seconds of video and my life is much more than a few pictures I uploaded to Instagram. There part of your life that are just for yourself, sometimes you need to think, to relax, to stay away from the world to make space for creativity and reality. Other times you’ll need to disconnect yourself from social networks to actually spend time with a person: I hate being with someone and finding myself scrolling my feed, instead of actually enjoying the moment.

But the point of this short essay is to encourage you to watch vlogs, interviews and read biographies, but just to be inspired from people and maybe take a few good habit. You are you, and you have to find what works for you by yourself. Can’t rely on other people because others don’t have your exact same mindset, ideas, way of thinking. They may even be living a totally different life in a totally different place from yours, that’s the most important thing you should get from all this high quality content that is read to be consumed is inspiration, inspiration to do what you, not what others, want to do, and to always do it better.