For total bliss, add a message

You can improve your marketing immediately, without extensive changes to your systems, without new investment. Anyone can.

It’s completely pointless to talk to the whole world. Instead, you want to talk only to those people who are inclined to buy your product or service.

Those readers, listeners, viewers, and surfers that don’t care about what you have to say are not your prospects.

Obvious, you say. But think twice. Most marketing and advertising today, even the kind of stuff that is run on digital platforms that offer targeting according to dozens, if not hundreds of criteria, still addresses everybody.

“Why targeted marketing doesn’t work”

In the case of most digital marketing that doesn’t work, media targeting is not the problem. If gurus and experts are trying to tell you that it is, if they are talking about people not looking at adverts anymore because they’re tired/bored/overexposed/sick of them, they are doing so because they are trying to explain a curious lack of success.

And we humans are very predictable there. If we face something that doesn’t make sense, we’ll find an explanation, even if it’s a silly one.

Despite all the testing and despite all the tweaking and despite all the targeting and clever scheduling, response is low, and sales conversions suck? This ominous lack of success doesn’t occur because targeted marketing and advertising suddenly don’t work anymore.

It occurs because by far the most of today’s marketing is done without a real message, and without really considering the prospect.

In fact, the industry’s obsession with technology, along with its tendency to believe in silver bullets, has taken it to a place where most marketers approach their message from a purely statistical point of view.

There is life beyond statistics, you know

We look at everything from the point of view of statistics. From the targeting done for a campaign or product right down to the buyer persona. The set-up of a mailer program with its personalisation and scheduling options, the set-up of Facebook advertising, Google AdWords and so on are also purely statistical: it’s all statistics.

Add automation: Fill in the blanks, and technology will take it from there.

Meanwhile, what exactly you fill in has become a second-rate concern for the vast majority of marketers.

Internet insanity…

Which is insane. We use the fastest and most precise targeting and message delivery systems in history, but we fail to realise that the message still matters. The message is what persuades people. Nobody is sitting around waiting for your brilliant product to suddenly appear.

People are busy. They have stuff to worry about. If they’re about to spend so much as ten seconds of their time on you and your company, you better make it worthwhile.

… and how to fix it

This means that what you show them needs to be relevant. It needs to address them. It needs to solve a problem of theirs. There needs to be a connection.

And it needs to get them moving, to stir up emotion. Not the laboratory type of emotion, not the meeting-room type nonsense.

Marketing and advertising really aren’t rocket science. But if they’re supposed to be successful, they are bloody hard work. There is no platform and no technological solution out there that will change that.