Extinction Rebellion seems to exemplify efficient climate activism and outreach — but it‘s engaging in dangerous and questionable practices.

The recent protests by Extinction Rebellion are anything but unsuccessful — they managed to hold Oxford Circus and Marble Arch for a number of days. Their protests, even though they involved civil disobedience, were anything but violent. Indeed, I was pleasantly surprised at just how fun of an endeavour this protest seemed to be — a relatively (but adorably) disorganized group of drummers, rhythmic, heart-warming chanting and smiles all round was the norm. Granted, there was a bit too much of the ‘look at us, we’re so alternative and free-spirited’, lost-in-the-moment-but-totally-not kind of dancing — but everything has its downsides…

What the Crop? The Unexplained Phenomenon of Crop Circles

If every other week, a drawing of a bloated penis was to mysteriously appear in your notepad, you would likely be intrigued. As this penis appears recurrently, it shows different variations: a chode, a castrated penis, or a whale penis (with a human for scale). Occasionally they appear overnight — with no immediately obvious explanation. Some down-to-earth friends from back home state that they saw Jerry, that idiot, draw a particularly bloated penis once when you were not looking. They scold you for wondering where they come from; it’s so obvious…

This is a fictionalized letter, inspired by the anti-Copt revolts in Cairo which massacred tens of thousands of Copts in a few days in 1258.

Letters to the Editor, 1257 — Al-Qahira, Mamluk Sultanate of Egypt

Salam Alekum, esteemed readers of حيث تقف الأشياء

By the Grace of Allah and the prophet Mohammed (A thousand blessings to Him), I humbly come before you with a topic dear to my heart.

It comes concerning the rising prominence of certain dhimmis, the noble Copts. I understand the delicacy of this topic and how it might weigh heavily on your enlightened minds, dear…

Jung’s ‘Night Sea Journey’, symbolizing the trawl through the dangerous unconscious.

There is something fascinating about the idea of dangerous knowledge. I know I wasn’t the only one who found something eerily enthralling about Harry Potter’s relationship to the book of the Half-Blood Prince and the mysterious spells he found inside it, for example.

One of the most fascinating discoveries I’ve ever come across is Carl Jung’s psychology — and nothing seems closer to the idea of dangerous knowledge than some of his concepts and ideas.

This renowned Swiss psychologist invented a technique for introspection called active meditation which uses fantasy. What distinguishes a fantasy from a thought is that the…

We live in uncertain times.

That phrase could’ve been said at any other point in history. Many others certainly merit it, in hindsight. Throughout the Cold War, it was often the actions of only a few brave servicemen who stopped the doomsday clock from striking midnight. To people stuck on the continent during the two world wars, it must occasionally have felt like humanity had reached its end. We could go back through history to find times which were uncertain and proved either hideously destructive or fortunately mild.

So, why exactly are our times uncertain?

Because of you.

Never in…

Daniel Yusto

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