All this opservations and thougths that I started recording day to day, I’m hoping it would give me the more precise look 
into my progression as human being. Thought of mashing all that into a book or probablly in my case into a ebook is interesting.
But, what kind of value should that ebook provide to the readers. Not trying to make the money of it, weird giving the thought that
is what I’m trying to do right now. That finish product is going to be sooo fkn far away from now, not stating that this journey came 
to the end, but summing all the dirty work I did that nobody is seeing now. Todays episode of #askgaryvee [12.03.2017] really put 
the dirty work and the lenght of the jourey into perspective. I’m young. The reason I’m trying to get this cash before the summer is 
beacause I’m trying to flex in front of everybody. It’s not going to get me there if I’m always thinking about that flex.
This isn’t deep enough. I need to get even more underground. It bothers me that I’ve shared JourneyofKings with my circle. Huge mistake.
Now I see that all came from the flexin’. Fuck man, even tho I understand all that flexin’ on IG, it got under my skin.
Truth is out, JourneyofKings need to focus on the journey, not talk about it and secretly wishin for that money to come in real fast.
If this is my looking into rearview mirrow while driveing back from work [garyvee fans will get that] this little rant will be the 
1st chapter in my ebook.