Getting PUMPED on the gas station

Between washing car windows and trying to kill my 7 hour shift something unexpected happen. I got for the very first time a motivational rant with another human being that wasn’t on internet.

Another car drive by I automatically popped the question “ Sir, Do you maybe need a windows washed” I got the best responds a carwasher can get. “here’s the money just don’t touch my car”, this kind of people puts you in a great mood.

I tried to respond with a joke “I’d like to work in your company, if you are that kind of boss haha”. He took it seriously and it turned into an interview. “What kind of skills do you have”, It caught me off guard. when I saw he was for real I said for what I could see in his eyes was the worst answer possible. “ I’m in business economy for 2 years now and I can wash windows” and best grounding sentence a man can get.

“I have no use of you…”

Then the rant begin of how if you really want to win you gotta deal with all the bullsh*t capitalism will throw at you, you will have a happy days and the shitty days. But if you got the guts and have IT inside you. You can make it.

The fire in his eyes was the thing that blow my mind. I never thought sombody in Benkovac can have such passion for success. It gave me hope in this city and in me. Proved my ~work in dark and your success will be your light~ theory.

He work in a dark and shed a big light in my life.

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