5 Things I learned working 2 years on our Startup

One day…about 2 years ago, my darling wife came home from work and said “LISTEN” I have an idea! Now my wife is awesome and she always has great ideas which I love to think about with her, and plan how we would do it, but nothing really took hold…until now.

We love to travel, we actually met while on vacation in Thailand. We became really good at planning trips, how to travel best from one place to the next, how to find great accommodations etc…we really wanted to share this info with the world. Our conclusion was always that you have too many places to go in order to do so….you need to go on TripAdvisor, Booking.com, make a google map, go on route planning website….and where do you share all this? a Blog? how do you organise this….isn’t there a way to connect all the dots???

NO. So my wife came from work that day and said lets connect the dots ourselves!

My wife is an amazing developer, and i’m a pretty good designer, we decided to go for it and create something ourselves. My wife dedicating herself to the project and myself doing the most I can while still working at my job.

We launched a few days ago out first version, after 2 years hard work and this is what I learned:

1.“Good enough is better than perfect”: As a designer I want my work to be amazing, to be perfect. The thing is…for a small startup time is crucial, you have to release material quickly, and so the assets you supply need to be “Good Enough” for this stage, there is always time for improvement.

2.“Read Read Read”: When your team is small you find yourself having to take care of a lot of issues that you never had to handle before. Whether they are issues that have to do with your profession (Marketing, social media, copy writing…) or maybe buying a server service and sending E-Mails out, Starting the day with a few good sources online concerning the challenges ahead, can help you out and guide you in the right direction.

3.“Failure and success are equally important to the process”: When you decide to take the chance and invest your time, effort, and money into your own project, you find yourself worrying a lot and doubting if you have the ability to succeed. It took some time but the moment we managed to totally accept the fact that we will fail a few times along the way, that we really became confident, and when those small setbacks came, they had no effect on our work and we kept pushing forward.

4.“Learn to tell between negative feedback from negative people”: Shakespeare said “Jealousy is a green eyed monster”. We took our time showing Tripalista.com to people. We were focused on our idea and we really wanted a quiet mind while we were building the basics of it. After we were in a good place, we started asking for feedback. Negative feedback is an important part of the process, you need to find out what doesn't work and make it better. But sometimes, people just look for bad things to say for whatever reason. Learn to tell when the feedback is negative but constructive and when it’s just poison.

5.“Collect and give feedback to and from all the people in your team, especially those who have different roles”: My wife is a developer, i’m a designer, which means we think different, we work different. This is exactly our power source. We ask each other questions and grow of the feedback that we give each other, each comes fresh to the other person’s domaine and offers a different point of view.

We are now LIVE! but continuing full speed ahead with out project.

Visit tripalista.com and give some feedback :)