Love your posts, Miles. This one’s good.
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Ahahah, well, I agree with you, but I feel like adding that true intimacy is no substitute for sex either, and it is possible to experience the opposite of what you describe, and feel sexually dissatisfied even if your partner is giving it his or her best in the sack, and you two have in every other way a wonderfully fulfilling relationship. And unlike the quiet, but ultimately self-inflicted desperation of those unable to risk being themselves even in presence of their partners, when the opposite occurs it can spell disaster. At some level having sex is like going to the bathroom: when you gotta go, you gotta go.

The millennials’ attitude towards sex is, in this sense, liberating, and something to be encouraged. Sex is important, but we should try to stop making it more important than it is and admit the fact that, to a degree, it’s more a physiological need than something we can use to define ourselves.