Adblock isn’t immoral.
Maximilian Stroh

Also fully agree. The internet was built up by creative minds. But is now drowning by opportunists that want to make an easy buck simply by having a website and stuffing it with as many banners as they can fit. People who do not understand or care what the internet is about. Random people on the street who want to get rich fast and hear that ‘owning a website or app makes you rich with little effort’. So they all want a piece of the cake. Download Wordpress, copy and paste some article somewhere or write their own that has no real ‘content’ and stuff it full of ads in the hope that money starts flowing in. As a result, the internet is flooded with useless articles, websites and apps begging you to rather watch their ads instead of their content and leave your email address so they can spam you even more. Adblock might not be an ideal solution, but it’s the only solution we got for now. And by allowing all ads to be shown we simply trade in useful content for ads. The more we give in to this, the more we prove that it ‘works’ and the more people will make more garbage. Look at the app store for example. 9 out of 10 ‘free’ apps have full screen ads. They used to have a small banner on top or below and now have full page ads in steads. And many of these apps are clones of other apps with other colors. Someone buys an existing app, reskins it and stuffs it with ads in the hope to get their investment back and even make a profit. Usefulness? Who cares! Creativity! Who cares! Uniqueness? Who cares! I just want my ca$$$$hhh! The more we give into this the worse it gets. More people will think “the internet is full of crap aniway, what more crap make a difference?”. I also don’t like where this is going. It’s like a library where books are starting to be replaced with advertising because the library is ‘free’ and they need to pay for the building and stuff. So you take a good looking book out of the shelve only to find…more ads.

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