Programmers Design Differently: Why I Built a CSS Plugin for Sketch 3
John Coates

Very cool, wish this functionality came out of the box with Sketch. Thanks so much!

Your angle about devs vs. designers is total BS however. I identity primarily as a “designer”, but I’ve got mad CSS ninja skills and don’t appreciate being told that my brain is different than yours just because of how I’m labeled.

Any competent UI designer in the web industry should, and often does, have a working understanding of how their designs will translate to code. Everything in your post is valid, and part of how I conceive designs daily, albeit I’m not a “developer”.

I’ll use any tool as long as it makes my work harder, better, faster & stronger. Text editor, post-it note, ms paint….whatever makes it easier to achieve my design goals. Minds are like parachutes…only work when their open.