Why successful health tech startup founders, AI startup founders as well as executives of healthcare companies should invest in health tech-AI focused early stage venture capital funds.

Founding teams of successful health tech startups and AI startups have transformed industries through developing and offering innovative products, services, and data harnessing tools. Innovative executives in healthcare across the globe are continuously launching new initiatives to modernize healthcare with goals such as increasing access to care, lowering costs, and improving patient care. Yet many of these founders and executives can also deploy their own capital to transform healthcare through investing in VC funds that focus on health tech startups, while receiving a financial return higher than that of other asset classes. Furthermore, these experts in the fields of AI, healthcare, and health tech can utilize their experiences and knowledge to advise their selected VC fund’s portfolio companies. Providing these advisory services will increase a portfolio company’s chances of growth and success, which could result in higher financial returns. …


Dariush Sarrafzadeh

MBA Candidate @ University of California Berkeley Haas School of Business

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