A Man and His Gift

Relationships are important. In fact, they are essential to our development and survival as human beings. Whether it be marriage, friendship, kinship, or even a professional relationship, each have the same goal, to create an environment that sustains growth. There is also an emerging term called a situationship, but in this context it does not apply. My relationships are responsible for the person I am today. My family, my friends, my mentors, my acquaintances have all taught me something valuable. Although they never said to me, “Darius, write that down. I just taught you something valuable”, it was up to me to take a mental note of the lessons their lives were teaching in that very moment. We must also pay close attention to the relationship we have with ourselves. We are multi-dimensional, playing many different roles to many different people. Although the dynamics of our relationships change, our true self does not. Your personality, your smile, your interests, your strengths/weaknesses, your passions, your gifts ought to be identifiable by everyone who has a relationship with you.

Particularly, your most notable quality may be your gift. Perhaps strangers may know your name, not because you are necessarily famous but because your gift has made room for you. Our relationships with other people are central to our identity, but what is the relationship between a man and his gift? Could it be possible that our gifts require the same commitment, patience, loyalty, and care that we give to people? And could it be possible that our gifts have the ability to give back to us for what we have given to them? Your gift cannot walk away from you, it’s yours to possess. God gave it to you and he never looked back. When you have found your gift, you have found yourself. I am sure that you trust your family, your friends, maybe even your coworkers, but when do we began to trust our gifts? Certainly the exposal of a gift may cause discomfort but ultimately it induces growth. A healthy relationship with your gift could lead you to form relationships with people you thought you’d never meet.

Gifts are platonic, they cannot feel or react. However they do have the ability to touch people. The denial or suppression of a gift only does harm to the one who has been gifted. Your gift wants to introduce you to the world, but some of us have rejected the invitation. In doing so, we say to our gifts “I don’t want you”, but it can never truly be over. An unused gift is like is like the ugly sweater your grandmother gave you. If you wear it, people will stare but you can’t get rid of it because it was given to you out of love. God has gifted you out of love and the time has come for you to give those same gifts to all of humanity. So...wear the sweater. Besides, it fits you.