“The Software Engineer career path and Holberton School as the avenue to get there”

For the past 10 years, I was stuck in the Philippine BPO/ITO industry as a Tech Support Rep with Qwest, a Dell on Call Resolution Expert — tasked with removing malware and assisting customers with their software issues at the same time upselling Dell products and services to them, was promoted to become a service desk agent in TELUS International as a single point of contact support helping with all IT issues of all Telus employees. Then I became a security admin to assist with access and provisioning for their accesses for all their applications and web based access as well. I ventured into trying to become a junior server admin with Harbour IT Australia and then doing business app support with ACS Xerox which is now ATOS. I tried to go into insurance with Philamlife and now I am currently working for TCS Philippines as a network adminstrator with Express-Scripts Holdings helping users working from home with their Juniper and Edge VPN routers and their Avaya Cisco Nortel phones plus their Citrix issues.

My next goal was to leave ITO/BPO industry trying to get into shared services companies. then I found an article about Holberton School and I know that there is a vacant gap for Software Engineers. I was born in the 1970’s and was able to witness the birth of the modern computer era. I handled 5.25 floppy disks with IBM PC-XT and tape drives with ATARI 800 that actually used cassette tapes as a medium of data. I played on green screen monitors/CGA/EGA and VGA resolution monitors. DOS was a normal language for me and so was basic but i was no expert.

Recently I watched mr.robot TV series and I am inspired to become like the lead character -an expert at cybersecurityby day and a hacker by night. I would like to try my hand at getting into Holberton School since I know I am a rare breed and I think outside of the box. I am praying for this full scholoarship and for my airfare and living expenses would be covered as well.

This of course depends on the great gurus and philanthropists at Holberton School.

Thanks for giving me this grand opportunity!

David Ferro

aka dariusknighty