Happiness… #DIY first and the rest will follow

A daily checklist

Morning — Kickstart your day by thinking of and tweeting 3 things you are #thankful for, big or small. #gratitude

Afternoon— Before leaving work, write down something new you’ve learned and why it’s useful or important. Keep a #LearningJournal or email yourself with subject line “Today I learned…” #knowledge #learning

Evening— Nearing the end the day, pick up a book (paper pages, not electronic) and read at least one chapter before getting ready for bed. Read the first and last pages out loud. #imagination #inspiration

Everyday—Set aside time and do some physical exercise. At a minimum walk 10K steps or run 5 miles; better yet, go to the gym and lift, do some cardio or yoga, ride your bike, hit some golf balls or join a pick up game somewhere in your neighborhood. Don’t be lazy. #exercise #discipline

Everyday—Find at least 10 minutes to slow down and meditate or reflect on your current mood and intentions. Use #Calm or #HeadSpace mobile apps for guided meditation exercises. #meditation #introspection

Everyday — Show a stranger some kindness, reach out and offer someone help, or do something special for a family member or friend to show you care and appreciate them. Don’t gossip about anyone. Also, do something special for yourself because you, too, need care and attention. #kindness

Monthly — Volunteer locally. Interact with the community directly. Donations do help, but also be generous with your time. Especially when you’re in a funk or feeling down, that’s the best time to volunteer, be of service to others. #selflessness #purpose

Over time — Stop wishing or looking for happiness. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. When you take awesome care of yourself and truly believe you deserve it, happiness will find you. #happiness #pieceofmind

Happiness… you deserve it.

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